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New Orleans Saints and the Redskins’ Nail-Biter

New-Orleans-Saints I gotta say that never have I been more interested in football since the Saints finally have a winning season. Last week’s trial with the Washington Redskins was a real nail biter.

OK. I wasn’t really biting my nails but I was standing in front of the TV pacing back and forth. At the two minute warning I didn’t see how the Bless You Boys could pull it off. I was ready to go in and decorate the tree but I couldn’t pull myself away from the tube.

When the Redskins clearly missed that final field goal, I mean it looked as if a hand just came and swiped it away, just pushed it off to the right pretty as you please. It wasn’t like the guy was 50 yards away. I mean he was right there. He shoulda made it in.

Is all the voodoo and gris-gris and Catholic Masses and folks on their knees acutally paying off? I mean I don’t think there is any other explanation for it. Even Drew Brees said later on that it must be some kind of karma.

Then when the Saints made that final touchdown and with the extra point tied the game I thought, hell, just maybe we could win. Then when the game went into overtime I saw that we actually had a chance to clinch the deal.

The Redskins had been brutes throughout the game, their defense was awesome like a brick wall. Our Saints just couldn’t get through them.

But somehow in the overtime we managed to outrun ’em, outgun ’em, kicked a beautiful easy field goal and the game was won. Again, an unbeaten team 12-0. Wow! And the Who Dat Nation erupted, and the magic worked one more time. Da black n gold triumphed, one mo tahm.

Can we do it again four more times? Can we for once be an unbeaten team and make it to the Superbowl and maybe even win?

The Who Dat Nation is bearing down.
Who dat?
Who dat?
Who dat saying they gonna beat dem Saints?

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