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Saints Won the NFC: A Poem

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 06: Garrett Hartley #5...
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Saints won the NFC championship, Yeah!
in OT with a field goal
by Garrett Hartley.
The Dome erupted, people cried,
went nuts on Bourbon Street.

Screams, shouts, arms waving,
wide gaping mouths, folks in ecstasy,
literal ecstasy.
What a win by the Saints means to this city,
beat down for so long, bags on our heads.

Katrina began a new era, called in a new century for us,
a turning point, a pivot.
“This is for you, New Orleans” Peyton said
as he held the trophy high.

Winds blow, Saints bless us with a win.
Courage, hope, expectation.
Here we are, standing athwart history,
and we move and groove,
shake and shimmy a gimme,
a gimme an S an A an I an N a T an S.
The Holy Trinity: The Saints, the City, the Fans.

by Richard Bianvenu

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