I Love New Orleans by Richard Bienvenu – New Orleans music

Here’s a new song I wrote and recorded. It reflects my love for the city and its people, culture, heritage, history, music, festivals, architecture, cuisine and all around celebration of life. Hope you enjoy it. Please send it to as many people as you know who love New Orleans too. Oh yeah, babe!

 I Love New Orleans – Song by Richard Bienvenu


I Love New Orleans
by Richard Bienvenu

Red beans and rice and a whole lotta spice
Redfish cookin’ on the grill.
Gumbo and greens, you know what it means
Standin’ on the top of Monkey Hill

Coffee at dawn at Cafe Du Monde
And watchin’ all the boats along the river
We pay for our sins with hurricane winds
And wonder what the next one will deliver

And I love New Orleans
Yes, and I love New Orleans
Everyday I wake up and say
Dere ain’t no place bettah on dis oith.

And I love New Alyuns
Yes and I love New Awlins
I hear that sound all over town
Oh yeah, babe.

Great restaurants and neighborhood haunts
But the food is bettah ovah by yo’ mama’s
Folks in straw hats and hey where y’at,
Some people walk the street in their pajamas.

We may not go far on the streetcar
But no one’s in a hurry way down here.
We sit on the porch when sidewalks are scorched
Cicadas just a buzzin’ in our ear.


Tropical breeze through the palm trees
Strollin’ through the Quarter ain’t it quaint
Sweet Dixieland played by a band
Now everybody’s marchin’ with the Saints

OK it’s hot but sometimes it’s not
And sometimes skeeters fly through the air
But we got shrimp creole to nourish your soul
And a lazy moon shines over Jackson Square

Don’t forget what you saw at ole Mardi Gras
That guy with all the feathers on his head
Stand in the shade to watch the parade
Just open up your arms and you’ll get fed.

With family and friends the party never ends
You got a great big smile upon your face
The land of dreamy dreams is more than it seems
We’re so lucky livin’ in this place.


Red beans and rice, Louisiana spice
Catfish cookin’ by the shed
Sun shinin’ down on this Caribbean town
We’re risen’ up like Lazarus from the dead.

That’s why I love New Orleans
Yes, and I love New Orleans
Everyday I wake up and say
Dere ain’t no place bettah on dis oith.

And I love New Alyuns
Yes and I love New Awlins
I hear dat sound all ovah town
Oh yeah, sugah, oh yeah, honey, oh yeah, dawlin
Oh yeah, babe.


I live in New Orleans and love the city, was born and raised here. Although I have lived other places I always felt New Orleans was home and returned here to stay many years ago. It’s said that if you are a native of the city and you move away eventually you’ll move back. Very true with me. So being a musician and songwriter I wrote an homage to the city that I love.

A mambo style beat I use in the piano and rhythm guitar, the lead guitar, played by Christopher Gretchen, adds blues licks throughout with a great solo toward the end.

I’ve played piano all my life but never learned how to play New Orleans style piano. But I knew I wanted that for this song, so I taught myself how to play the basic New Orleans piano style from watching YouTube videos! Ha, ha. Now I love it and am all over it.

Vocals/Piano/Guitar – Richard Bienvenu
Lead Guitar – Christopher Gretchen
Music Copyright 2013 – Richard Bienvenu

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