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“It is better to live here in sackcloth and ashes than own the entire state of Ohio.” — Lafcadio Hearn….

New Orleans is one of the most magical cities in the world. There is something about this city that has a tendency to take hold of you and won’t let go. If you are born in this city it’s easier to appreciate it if you’ve live other places as I have. For many people who move away they are drawn back by something intangible. There is a spirit and deep sense of belonging that the city seems to invoke.

Yes, it’s the customs, traditions, the music, the food, the architecture, the history, all the different ethnic groups who’ve put their indelible mark on this place. And it’s something more. It’s this something that is in the air, that bubbles up from the streets, that silently sings to you in a sultry evening. It’s this indescribable otherness that some have tried to put into words over the decades but somehow manages to escape description.

Writer Andrei Codrescu, a Romanian transplant to New Orleans, describes the city like this:

“There are certain cities and certain areas of certain cities
where the official language is dreams.
Venice is one. And Paris.
And New Orleans, the city that dreams stories.”

New Orleans, America’s Most European City is maintained and mostly written by me, Richard Bienvenu. I’m a New Orleans musician and author of Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour now a bestseller on Amazon. You can find some of my music at

I was born and raised in the the Crescent City and have lived in Spain, L.A., Mobile and spent 16 years in Washington State, five of those years living in the country gardening, raising livestock and getting my electricity from water and solar power. In 2003 I made my way back to New Orleans as most New Orleanians who leave the city do. Eventually they return home.

As a singer/songwriter I perform once a month at The Neutral Ground Coffee House, a popular New Orleans music venue. I have two CDs out, one of all original solo piano work called Tone Poems, the other of Nouveau Folk Music titled Awaken the Dream with Misa a singing partner who is a Cherokee medicine woman.

I Love New Orleans” is a song I wrote and recorded and made a video that’s now on YouTube. It’s expresses the love that I and people that choose to live here have for the city. You can watch that video here.

I love living in New Orleans, love living in the South. Love the tropical breezes, the music, the food, the hospitality, the festivals, the traditions, the architecture and of course the music. I’m so glad I returned. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

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