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New Orleans Travel Guide Continues To Be Bestseller on Amazon

Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour travel guide continues to be a best seller on Amazon Kindle. Sometimes I see it slipped back to number 10 or 12 in the rankings but it seems it continues to manage to be in the top 10 in our category. This pleases me no end. And I have you my readers to thank for it.

New Orleans Travel Guide Continues To Be Bestseller on Amazon

Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour travel guide stays bestseller

Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour travel guide continues as bestseller on Amazon.

The publishing of this book is my first attempt entering the publishing world and it feels good that it has been so well received. I mean wow. I did put a lot of effort into it, a lot of thought and many revisions.

Currently, I am in the process of putting it into actual book form, which entails another learning curve to getting a book out. When I got the proof for the book I found so many mistakes in the formatting and a few typos here and there. And some of the grammar and sentences felt really awkward.

But what really struck me is that in reading it as an actual book the sentences and the language just seems different than on a computer screen. I think with a computer we have a tendency to skim the page and thus not get really deep into the language of how its written. But for me reading it in book form has really opened my eyes to how I can make the book better.

So when the printed version comes out, it should be ready by the end of the month, there will be some changes in the way that it’s written. It will be clearer, sharper and just a lot better. So I’m having to update and correct the Kindle version as well. What hasn’t changed is the recommendations and the way the book is laid out. That stays the same. So you won’t be missing anything in the new version, it will just read and flow a lot better than before.

To have my first attempt at publishing to make it into the bestseller ranks and continue to be so has been way beyond my expectations. I think the key is to provide information that people want to read and is helpful, that has a big audience and is written with care and heart and with the appreciation of the reader in mind.

If that is the formula for success in the publishing world, at least I’ve achieved it in my first foray. I plan on writing more books and already have two more out on the Kindle platform. If they do half as well as this NOLA book has then I’ll be very pleased indeed.

To all my readers who’ve bought it, thanks so much for helping to make it a bestseller!

If you haven’t got it yet, you can pick up your copy here –>> Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour


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