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A Little Slice of New Orleans History 1960s Style – Video

Found this recently a little intro for a film made back in 1968 called The Monster and the Stripper. It’s a little excursion into New Orleans history back when The Beatles were the thing. This cheaply made horror flick, one of your typical type B movies, tells the story of a swamp monster that was captured by a strip club owner from Bourbon Street and used for his nefarious means as entertainment in his club. Huh?

New Orleans History – 1960s Style – Video

What’s interesting about this video is that not much has changed about New Orleans. Maybe the hair styles and certainly the quality of video is better nowadays. With the advent of our little cameras in our smartphones it’s better than the grainy 16mm that was used back then. And of course our car styles are a lot sleeker and hotter.

But the things that make New Orleans will always be the same. The customs and culture and the French Quarter and the veritable daily nuttiness that makes us unique.

So in New Orleans the past is not really gone, it just gets updated from time to time. That’s what makes New Orleans history so … strange and fascinating.

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  1. Jeanette Vaughan says

    Loved that video. I just published a book about 1960s New Orleans and The French Quarter. Many of the scenes in that video are in my book, FLYING SOLO circa 1961. It is based on a true story about New Orleans housewife who learns to fly a plane and then steals it! I am working on the sequel now, set in 1967.

  2. Richard Bienvenu says

    Sounds like a great book. Wish you much success with it! Glad you liked the video.

  3. Richard Bienvenu says

    Jeanette, if you would like me to review your book for the blog get me a copy and I would be happy to do that.

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