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A New Orleans Tour: 10 of the Most Popular Places… and Some Mistakes

This is a video that comes from a company called and provides a decent little tour of the city of New Orleans. What’s funny is that the narrator pronounces some of the names wrong.

New Orleans Tour: 10 of the Most Popular Places… and Some Mistakes

For a New Orleanian mispronunciation of our place names is like running fingernails on a black board. Anybody in the know knows that you don’t pronounce the city name New Or-LEENS. Ahh… That drives us crazy, and this guy says it over and over again.

We do have a song Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleens (Or-leens) but that’s OK because of poetic license, and we do live in Orleans (Or-leens) Parish but those are the exceptions. He does make a couple more mistakes by pronouncing Prytania (Pritania) Street as Pry-tania. Youch!

And then he says that Bourbon Street was where the red light district was also known as Storyville back in the day. It was in the Quarter but not on Bourbon Street. In fact it was on Basin Street where musicians like Jelly Roll Morton played in the ornate bordellos an early form of Jazz.

Ever heard of the Basin Street Blues? Well, that’s what Basin Street was all about, the district of prostitution way back 100 years ago. Still with all the mistakes this video has it’s pretty good anyway and actually very well shot and edited. Have a gander.


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