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Adopting Boxing Day in America: 10 Fantastic Reasons

Adopting Boxing Day in America, the British holiday the day after Christmas, is something I think we should seriously consider. I’ve provided some excellent reasons below.

Adopting Boxing Day in America: 10 Fantastic Reasons

adopting Boxing Day america

Boxing Day in England was apparently not very relaxing.

10 excellent reasons we should adopt Boxing Day here in America.

1. It’s the day after Christmas and so we are already dealing with a lot of boxes left over from opening gifts so why not just make a holiday out of it anyway

2. We all have servants or someone working for us in some way shape or form. I know it was adopted Downton Abbey style where the employers would give boxes of goods to their servants. I think that is a nice custom, you know. So anyone who works for you gets a box of something. It doesn’t have to be a big box, it can just be a little box with maybe some jam or some oranges or something in it.

3. Here in New Orleans any excuse to have some kind of celebration is welcome. But really who wants to “celebrate” after the biggest celebration day of the year? I  think most of us just wanna lay around on the floor by the Christmas tree… in silence. But we could have Boxing Day lunch at Antoine’s or Commander’s Palace.

4. And you know, heck, it’s the day after Christmas and who doesn’t need a break from all the festivities. I know I did. I had so much to do to get ready for our Christmas dinner and Christmas Eve party that we have every year, not only preparing for that but just putting gifts together. I make jams that I give as gifts and although that is not hard in anyway, it is time consuming.

Like this year I made turtle soup for our Eve party, not a big deal but what with everything else I had to do it still took time. I made it several days before, like 2 gallons of it, and stuck it in the fridge to be taken out the afternoon of the 24th and heated up.

Then I had to make mirliton casserole and mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner. And besides that there were the other preparations for the party. You know, if you’ve ever given a party you know what it takes to put it all together. It helps to make a list of all there is to do and just follow that to make sure you know forget anything.

5. I think since we are a British colony (yep, although we are independent and all we are still an extension of Great Britain, I mean why are we so fascinated with the queen and her family?) we should adopt their holidays that make sense. (Which does not mean they should adopt any of ours, I mean I know the Brits ain’t particularly thrilled with the 4th of July.)

6. It would help businesses because it would just be more reasons to have more sales during the holidays.

7. You don’t have to wrap the boxes with gift paper which would make the process of gift giving a lot easier.

8. I think it would be a great way to thank and acknowledge those who work for you, let them know they are appreciated. Even if you have given them bonuses a nice box of something is just a nice gesture.

9. Boxing Day is also the feast of St. Stephen, the first martyr of Christianity stoned while Saul of Tarsus, later to become Paul, looked on.

Well, I can only think of 9 reasons. And I was just thinking that you know Boxing Day is another holiday we have to prepare for and take into consideration. Isn’t Christmas a type of Boxing Day anyway since we gotta deal with all those boxes? Just thinking out loud here.

Or maybe we could just adopt a different meaning for Boxing Day. I’m just thinking of ways that we could still make this a holiday without having to go to too much trouble especially right after the biggest day of the year. I mean who wants to think about going to the trouble of giving more gifts right after Christmas. Maybe that is overkill you know.

Maybe to make it easy we could just give out Boxing Day cards, like gift cards or something that say “Happy Boxing Day” day on it. That would make it easy without having to box anything up. Maybe put the gift card in a little box and give it to your servants, er, employees.

But as I said in number 4 above, everyone just needs a break really, to not have to work or do anything. All the department stores should stay closed for that day to let their employees take a break too. I think that would be healthy for our country for folks to just take a deep breath, and relax without having to think about sales or gift returns. But… that ain’t gonna happen.

We need to a way to regain our sanity after the hectic and insane week before Christmas. I think adopting Boxing Day with a more relaxing, taking-a-break meaning is the best way to do that for everyone.

So, anyway, Happy Boxing Day!

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