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Dig a Little Deeper – Blue Skies and Sunshine Ga-ron-teed, Cher!

I been fightin’ a cold or something for the last couple days. Don’t know if it’s allergies or what, but heck, I ain’t been feeling too well. But, no matter, I still got work to do. So what could cheer me up, I pondered. Well, how ’bout a little Randy Newman, and now ’bout a tune from one of my favorite movies, The Princess and the Frog.

Dig a Little Deeper – Blue Skies and Sunshine Ga-ron-teed, Cher!

The whole movie is a love letter to New Orleans done a few years after Hurricane Katrina and the destruction caused by the flooding from the failure of the federal levee system built by the US Army Corps of Engineers. I think it’s one of the top 5 animated movies Disney has every done. And it’s done in the old style hand-drawn art that Disney made famous.

It is so superb and well done. Everything about it is top notch and is a perfect example why the Disney Studios are still tops when it comes to animation. Whenever I see this sequence I get goose bumps which is the way great art affects me.

Sometimes when something is so excellent it puts tears in my eyes, and this movie an example of great cinematic art. Movie making is a collaborative effort and I just find it tremendously inspiring when I see excellence in film and stage.

Years ago when living in Los Angeles I went to see the stage musical Evita by Andrew Lloyd Weber. I was so impressed and moved with the quality of the production, how everyone was working to produce something so excellent from the writers to the actors to the musicians, production designers, stage hands and all that went into making this remarkable production. My date asked me what I thought of the play and, on the verge of tears, I couldn’t speak I was so moved.

I think The Princess and the Frog has those elements in them, that kind of quality. Having worked in the film industry I have an idea of what goes into the making of a movie. It is very tedious, painstaking work that’s also thrilling when all your ideas come together. Most people don’t realize what it takes to put together a movie. You have the art and the craft and the technology that has to all work in synchronous to produce something excellent.

So if you need a little joy and inspiration right now watch this sequence. And watch it several times, there is so much in it it really is stunning.

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