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Dynamic Duo James Carville and Mary Matalin Love The Crescent City

At total opposite ends of the political spectrum this couple somehow make a marriage of it. That takes a lot of give and take and probably a lot of not only self respect but respect for the other. And, of course, they must really love each other.

Dynamic Duo James Carville and Mary Matalin Love The Crescent City

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Dynamic duo of politics James Carville and Mary Matalin shared their thoughts about the election and about New Orleans recently at UNO.

Politics really is only a part of one’s life, maybe for most a small part. And it’s good to look at it in that light I think. There’s more to life than politics, no?

Carville and Matalin spoke recently at University of New Orleans which produced some pretty good quotes from them. I’ve come to respect Carville over the years because he seems to tell it like it is stepping beyond the role of being just a shill for his political party. Not only that, he’s funny.

As this article from tells it:

Seasoned political analysis aside, the real show was Carville and Matalin themselves, whose colorful commentary has kept them in the media spotlight despite that fact that neither has run a domestic political campaign in 20 years.

Their cranky antics at each other’s expense provided most of the laughs Thursday night. He compared her tenacity to a Japanese soldier who wouldn’t come out of his foxhole on Iwo Jima until years after Word War II had ended. She aped his dramatic hand gestures when the microphone went haywire, and looked quizzically at the audience when he began absentmindedly scratching under his armpit in the middle of a response.

“We don’t talk on election night and we haven’t really talked since,” she said.

Matalin went on to say that New Orleans has the most compelling, heartening, optimistic model for the country. After which Carville commented that in other parts of the country people talk about their “quality” of life, while here in the Crescent City we obsess over our “way” of life.

He went on to say: We have our own food, we have our own music, we have our own funerals, we have our own social structures, we have our own architecture, we have our own body of literature. No one ever went to an Ohio restaurant to listen to Oregon music.

Well, there ya go. I could not have said it better myself.

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