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Fabulous Mardi Gras

new orleans mardi gras flambeauWell, at last after the trying times of Katrina we’ve reached pre-Katrina levels of visitors for the Mardi Gras season. And what a great Mardi Gras it was! I didn’t get a chance to get out too much because my mom was laid up with a bad ankle. I wanted to see Krewe D’etat on Friday but alas was not able to make it.

But I did get to go out on Fat Tuesday, walk down St. Charles avenue, the family portion of the Gras venue and see some great costumes. (Contrary to popular belief as promulgated by the media, Mardi Gras is for all ages even little tykes, depending on where you go. If you don’t want to see tourists debauching themselves then don’t go to the French Quarter.)

Most of all I wanted to see the Rex parade. One of the oldest Krewes and parades there is, started back in the 1800’s, Rex always has beautiful floats. Class and elegance rule the day when Rex comes by. The day was a little chilly at the beginning but warmed up nicely as the truck parades started to roll.

The day was marred by some criminal types but all of the shootings, except one, happened in other parts of the city away from the parades. But as the national news media always does they grouped all of theses together which made people think there were shootings all along the parade route. Just ain’t true.

I’ve learned to take all the news media says with a grain of salt. More than 50% of what they report is untrue or twisted, in my humble opinion. The real story was that we had thousands of people come down to our city to help us celebrate our annual tradition in numbers back to pre-Katrina levels! That was the real story which the media swept aside.

All in all a fantastic season and a fantastic day!

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