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Open Up Ya Jaws For The Five Oldest Bars in New Orleans

New Orleans has lots of bars. I mean we got slews of bars, tons of bars. Some would say we got a plethora of bars.

OK, all that is owing to what? Well, we like to party, we like to celebrate, we like to take it easy, we like to be with friends. We are into it. I mean who needs a bar when you got a front porch? Well, some bars have front porches – so there ya go.

The Five Oldest Bars in New Orleans

They got your bars in the French Quarter, we all know that. Lafitte’s Blacksmith shop is touted to be the oldest bar in the city. It’s in a building that supposedly has been around since the 1700s. Maybe one of the original buildings in the Quarter and one that escaped the two fires that destroyed most of the city in the later period of that century.

But there is one bar they talk about in this video that I, alas, have NEVER heard of. And it’s uptown where I live and that would be Henry’s Bar. And down the street from that is where Lee Oswald used to live. How about that?

We got da bars, babe. Big ones, little ones, quirky ones, elegant ones. Some fa you and some only fa me. Den dey got some for both of us. So open up your jaws and take in da bars.



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