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How Bout Dem New Orleans Streetcars?

I remember when I was a kid dat I useta go to Christian Brothers School out by City Park. I’d hop on dat Carrollton Streetcar all da way to Claiborne and den get on dat bus dere and go all da way out ta City Park where a little bitty VW bus would pick up us students and bring us through dat beautiful tree-lined road and to da school which was in a mansion. Had a swimmin pool and all.

How Bout Dem New Orleans Streetcars?

new orleans streetcar

The St. Charles streetcar, oldest in the world, all deck out for the holidays.

How much did dat trip to City Park from Riverbend cost? Well, heck, probably around 30 cents or something like that. We could transfer from da streetcar to the bus. And back den, we only hadta wait bout 5 minutes to catch da streetcar and da bus. Now dat was back in da day when New Orleans had one-adabest transportation systems in the world.

Back before ma tahm you could ride around da belt, as dey called it. Which meant for likeabout 10 cents you could rahd all round da city on streetcars.

Well, over tahm people were thinking dat the streetcars were not too modern and dey had to rip up dose tracks and put in stinky, smelly, lumbering old buses. Dey weren’t good fa da streets or da houses on da streets. Not only dat, heck, you hadta get da buses from outta town, buy da tires from outta town, and use stinky diesel to run ’em. Not very cost effective. Specially when you consider dat our streetcars are basically built and rebuilt and maintained all here. And dey don’t stink or shake houses and tear up da streets and all dat.

Da St. Charles streetcar is still in operation and has been evah since 1835 or some such, de oldest streetcar line in da world. How bout dat? Dey ripped up the Canal Street line in da ’60s but put it back in after forty years right before Katrina. And now Canal Street looks all nice and spiffy again with dat brand new streetcar line.

Now New Orleans is just about ta finish anotha line from da train station to Canal Street and they got plans to build more.

Anyway, you can read more about dat and plans other cities have ta open streetcar lines in dis ahticle from Reuters.

Seems dat streetcars, once considered outdated things of da past, is now an idea whose time has come. Or re-come or something like dat, babe.

Anyway, me, I like dem steetcars, like riding in ’em. Fun.

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  1. Julie Barreda says

    Great! I love riding the street car! 🙂

  2. Julie Barreda says

    Great! I love riding the street car. 🙂

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