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James Carville Quote About New Orleans Culture Nails It

You know we all talk about New Orleans culture and what it is and all the different aspects of it from the food, music, architecture, way of life. And most folks who come here see it as a beautiful city worth visiting because it is different and colorful and interesting, the can eat great food, and party down.

James Carville Quote About New Orleans Culture Nails It

james carville quote about new orleans

But I think what a lot of folks don’t get, and I would include some New Orleanians in this as well, is that although we are a city, a three hundred year old city, we also are very different from the rest of the United States.

Most locals don’t realize this till they move away, feel strangely starved for something that is almost intangible, and then get sucked back to the city and finally feel as if they are really living again. If you were to ask a died in the wool citizen of this burg what they owe their allegiance to first it would be New Orleans, then Louisiana, then the South, then lastly America.

And what Carville so succinctly points out and what really makes us different is that culturally we are really not American. We are made up of French, Spanish, African, Italian, Irish, German culture and blood.

And, yes, you could say that about other cities in America as well, but because we’ve lived in the swamps, essentially an island, at the bottom of the country for so long that we have been able to stew in our own juices and produce something that is unique, our ancestry something we still revel in and embrace.

Although politically I’m on opposites sides of the spectrum from Mr. Carville I gotta say whenever he talks about New Orleans he is usually piquant and right on.

So yeah as he says, “When you go to New Orleans you are not just going to a city, you’re going to an entire culture,” he nails it.

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