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Latest Scoop: New Orleans Gets Top Rankings Over New York City

new orleans cityscape by richard bienvenu


Yeah you right! Can you believe it? Our little city outranks the fabulous, stupendous, New York, New York! Eh la bas and all dat jazz. But it’s true.

This comes from the latest survey by Travel and Leisure magazine. It received the most number rankings over the Big Apple. Stirling Kelso, the editor says, “It is a popular weekend destination. You can go to New Orleans and feel like you have left the country.”

See? That’s what I been tryin’ ta tell ya. I been sayin’ dat all along. Dis place sometimes feels like it ain’t part of the United States at all, babe. We got our own culture, our own food, our own music. And our own colorful, unique and sometimes strange traditions. But heck, you knew that. I don’t hafta spell it all out for you.

But if you want to read all about it you can go to this page Move Over NYC.   Dey do a bettah job explainin’ it den me.


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