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New Orleans 2012 Review – The Good, The Bad, The OK

Now that the old year is winding down and we come upon the time of the new year is it time to reflect a bit on the year of 2012? What happened in the city this year that is worth taking a review? I think, yes, so here goes.

New Orleans 2012 Review – The Good, The Bad, The OK

new orleans fireworks

Fireworks over New Orleans to celebrate coming of 2013.

In politics it was the continuation of the reign of our relatively new mayor Mitch Landrieu.

And what a breath of fresh air from the squalor and corruption of the Nagin administration which was such a disappointment.

To have to struggle to rebuild the city after Katrina and on top of that having to deal with a politician who was not only incompetent but corrupt just made our heads swim. Landrieu has really come in and saved the day. Not an ounce of guile or scandal in him, he really has the best interests of the city and its people at heart.

Of course, the almost daily killings on the streets has left most of us tired of it and jaded. Thankfully these murders only happened in certain areas of the city leaving the rest of the city relatively safe. But it’s the perception of crime that affects everyone and when it spills into the French Quarter and when innocents are killed in the line of fire it angers and saddens everyone.

Perhaps with the mayor’s new crime initiative with all departments working together and changes in the police department things will finally turn around. I believe it’s already working for we aren’t struck daily upon opening the paper with news of the latest killings. Now it seems to be happening sporadically. So I think these new efforts are working.

Then we had the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal which left most of the Who Dat nation scratching its head as to what the big deal was all about. Very few fans didn’t think we got railroaded by an overzealous NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who ripped away our beloved coach Sean Payton and a few key players. Totally screwed up our season and chances of going to the Superbowl in our own city. Thanks so much, Roger.

Even though the team got beat in a few key games, if anyone wondered if the Saints had lost their touch you can only look to the total routing of Tampa Bay with a 41-0 win and then the trouncing in overtime of the Dallas Cowboys. Of course, our hometown hero Drew Brees continued to amaze not only on the field with his amazing record-setting performances but with his off the field community activities. A better Saint there has never been. He is the Saint to end all Saints.

It was a banner year for Hollywood South with many major motion pictures being made here. It’s good for the city’s image as well as for its economy. Also, the accolades that the independent Beasts of the Southern Wild — a film directed, produced, shot here and using all local talent — shows that Louisiana can make its own movies and good ones at that. The Oscar won by The Fantastic Flying Books of Mister Morris Lessmore earlier this year proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Beasts may be up for its own Oscar. Even to get nominated for anything would be quite a coup

Of course, festivals abounded again in the city with old festivals getting better and new ones appearing almost weekly. We are definitely the go-to city for festivals. In fact, New Orleans’ nickname could be Festivals-R-Us. If anyone ever needs a lesson in how to throw a festival New Orleans has written the book on it.

Let us not forgot the Cat 1 Hurricane Isaac which taught us all that it’s not the strength of the storm we have to worry about how long it takes to pass over the city. And that one was a slow mover let me tell you. How about 12 hours of creeping along. The city was spared any real damage but outlying areas saw lots of flooding and many lost their homes, some lost their lives. And then to top all that off we had to deal with the incompetency of Entergy and their apparently sorry grid system and lackadaisical response to the whole mess.

Oh well, anyway, Isaac taught our family that we have a great little generator system that kept us in minimal but important power for 4 days on about 6 gallons of gas. It gave us the experience somewhat of what it must have been like living in New Orleans before the days of electricity. Of course, we did have refrigerator and fans and a few lights going so we were fortunate to have planned way ahead of this disaster.

So that’s my review of what I consider the important milestones for New Orleans over 2012. Some good, some bad, some a mix of both.

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