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New Orleans Cops Bust Some Moves During Mardi Gras

I know what it’s like dancing on the streets of New Orleans. I did so for five miles over the 2014 Mardi Gras weekend in a night parade. Yeah, babe, I put me some moves down on dat Crescent City blacktop!

New Orleans Cops Bust Some Moves During Mardi Gras

But now I got me some competition with a couple of New Orleans cops, New Orleans Police Detective Winston Harbin and his partner DeCynda Barnes who put on a performance during a couple Mardi Gras parades.

What a lot of folks don’t realize is that during Carnival New Orleans police department puts everybody on the force out on the streets. That includes detectives and people who usually spend time behind a desk. Even the superintendent Ronal Serpas is out on the streets.

Our police force is down by about 400 officers over the last few years. Some have been fired and others have quit because of new rules the feds put in place concerning off-duty security work, which has cut in an officer’s ability to earn extra cash.

So these guys are on there no matter what the weather doing 12-15 hour shifts! That’s why whenever I see an officer out on the parade route I make it a practice to go up and thank them for their service. Just that little bit to let them know they are appreciated makes all the difference.

And you’ll see them join in the festivities, catching beads and doubloons keeping some for themselves and handing some to the little kids as well. And every once in a while you’ll see them dancing on the street. So these above videos are not unusual.

As we danced on our 5 mile trek there were some officers that busted a couple moves right along with us as we passed. Nice to see.

And… only in New Orleans.


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