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New Orleans: Finding Purpose Between Christmas and New Year’s

Now it is coming to the end of the year. And the air outside is cold. It’s nice in New Orleans when the air is cold, the sky is clear and the air is crisp.

New Orleans: Finding Purpose Between Christmas and New Year’s

bienvenu christmas tree new orleans

The Bienvenu family Christmas tree festooned in ribbon.

I walk the little dog in my pajama bottoms and hat and overcoat, have to walk her down the block all the way to the end to get her innards moving so she will finally do her duty. Or should I say dooty. I can always tell when she is about to go, she does what I call the poowalk. She seems to suddenly walk straight as an arrow with a purpose, she does sort of a trot and then stops and squats. Of course, now comes the time when as a canine guardian one has to do a brief inspection of the leavings to make sure it looks healthy and A-OK.

Then we both with purpose head on back home, a few minutes in the cold air this time of the morning being quite enough.

These are the days between Christmas and New Year’s, the time when I feel like doing nothing but maybe sitting with a good book by the tree and just being there in the room with this massive living Yule tradition covered with lights and ornaments and ribbons.

Yes, we have big ribbons on the tree, something that my niece started doing a couple years ago. I came home one evening after the tree had been decorated to find these gold colored and red colored ribbons cascading down the tree. I thought it made it look very elegant and dressed up. So ever since then we’ve been putting on those ribbons.

This year my niece was not able to help me with the decorating so I referred to the photos I took last year as a guide to how the garland goes up around the stairs, the living room portico and the proper placement of the ribbons on the tree. Got a lot of complements and it’s not a bad job if I do say so myself and I enjoyed doing it.

Although I would really love just sitting in the living room by the tree and reading a good book life does not seem to work that way since there always seems to be so much to do in the day just to keep life going.

And anyway after an hour or two sitting and reading I’m always ready to find something else to do. Whether that is a result of guilt of not doing anything “productive” or just my body saying, “OK, ya gotta get moving, we’re feeling a little stagnant here,” I don’t really know. Maybe it’s a little of both.

Anyway, there is more to do. Gotta make another lemon nut cake and maybe can some more cranberry jam. And I gotta get to Audubon Park and take some exercise, haven’t done much of that since before Christmas and taking on some extra desserts.

But heck it is the holidays and maybe time to take a respite from all that responsibility. At least, that’s what I like to tell myself.

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