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New Orleans: Just Where the Heck Do You Think You Live?

Here we go with one of most funny, telling, original posters about New Orleans I’ve seen in a long time. We who live here know why we are here and have mostly a completely different view of it than most of the rest of the world.

New Orleans: Just Where the Heck Do You Think You Live?

funny new orleans - where do we live

Just where the heck do you think we live in New Orleans. This poster is right on.

Funny thing about it is there is some truth to each one of these photos but of course a lot of it gets completely exaggerated by the media.

Yeah, our society is pretty crazy and most of it does revolve around Mardi Gras, and yeah we got da crime and some of it in a few neighborhoods as blatant as you see in the photo.

And we got that incredible beauty and class and culture and architecture and history embodied in Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cathedral that all of us New Orleanian love to celebrate and brag about.

And the swamps, well, most of the newer parts of the city does sit on drained swamps and once you get outside the city limits, well, swamps are everywhere.

And the open water? Well, did you know that for years after Hurricane Katrina a lot of people thought the city was still flooded. And well, you know, if we don’t get a handle on our coastal erosion, that may be what the city looks like in a couple hundred years – open water.

But where we actually live are in livable, lovable, old, walkable neighborhoods that’s now become the envy of the rest of the country. Yeah, we got actual sidewalks that people actually use.

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