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New Orleans Neighborhoods and Short Term Rentals – Mayor Landrieu and the City Council Deal a Disappointing Blow

New Orleans neighborhoods got dealt a disappointing blow yesterday with approval of the new “compromise”short-term rentals legislation. This allows anyone with a homestead exemption to rent out year round.

New Orleans Neighborhoods and Short Term Rentals – Mayor Landrieu and the City Council Deal a Disappointing Blow

new orleans neighborhoods short term rental

What a lot of people in New Orleans neighborhoods feel about short term rentals.

Those who own apartments and condos will be able to do the same. And whole home rentals, probably the worst offenders and the biggest threat to the fabric of our neighborhoods, will be able to rent for a maximum of 90 days per year. This in essence means that someone could rent out their entire home for every weekend of the year and then some.

Prices for homes have sky-rocketed in New Orleans over the past few years making it more and more difficult for those born and raised in the city to remain in their neighborhoods. And of course with higher home prices come higher taxes.

The city council and the mayor have basically betrayed the city residents and have threatened the very essence of  New Orleans neighborhoods, one of the main things that makes our city unique. These STRs have cut down on the number of units for long-term residents, accelerated price increases for homes and apartments and gutted neighborhoods of permanent residents.

All with the supposed benefit of collecting more and more taxes. And with the promise of close enforcement and regulation. I love my city but enforcement of existing laws in the city is not one of its strong suits. What makes anyone think that it’s going to be any different with STRs?

I also don’t get why the city feels it needs to negotiate or please in any way AirBnB and other such services. They are an out-of-state company that is in the business to make money plain and simple. The city doesn’t need to do anything to try to please them. Yet, that is what the politicians seem to want to do.

I have no problem with a home owner renting out a room in their home or even the vacant unit of the duplex or double they live in. It’s the whole home rentals and multiple units in apartment buildings that are a threat to neighborhood stability.

Even the mayor’s sister spoke out against the concept saying it will causes more parking problems in the Garden District.

As she states in this Washington Times article:

“This is not a good thing for our neighborhood, and we don’t think it’s a good thing for the whole city,” said Shelley Landrieu, who serves as executive director of the Garden District Association.”

The winners in this scheme are the landlords of these properties, and the city coffers – if they will follow through with proper enforcement, which is questionable – the losers are our unique New Orleans neighborhoods and its long-term residents.

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