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New Orleans Now Top Ranked For Creative Folks

In New Orleans creativity abounds.

New Orleans has had its share of fantastically creative folks that have achieved world-wide fame. Just look at Louis Armstrong, one of the fathers of jazz, and the recently deceased Fats Domino credited to being the original father of rock and roll.

The city has become a mecca for artists as well and writers. Just think of the playwright Tennessee Williams and novelist William Faulkner although not from here, both lived and started writing here. Then of course our architecture is second to none.

So now what most New Orleanians already knew is being recognized by Smartasset, the personal finance website.

Of course we have tons of very talented and world-renowned musicians, but then we also have about 2000 full time actors and all those who are involved in Hollywood South. We got about 161 creative types for every 10,000 people.

New Orleans has the lowest cost of living compared to the other cities, and in my view because of our culture and festivals and genuine joie de vivre, we got the highest standard of living. I mean we actually have a functioning world-class culture of music, food, and customs that most cities in the US can’t even imagine having.

What’s interesting on this list is Los Angeles and New York aren’t even in the top 10.

Have a gander at the article on the site.



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