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Photographer Frank Relle’s New Orleans Haunted Houses

There is something mysterious about New Orleans that’s difficult to put a finger on. People have tried to do it through music and art but to put it into words just does not seem to do it justice. I think it’s a conglomeration of feelings and pulses and spirits. I’ve traveled to many cities and countries, lived for a while in Spain, yet nothing I’ve seen or experienced can match the mystery of the Crescent City.

Photographer Frank Relle’s New Orleans Haunted Houses

An example of Frank Relle's New Orleans haunted houses.

An example of Frank Relle’s New Orleans haunted houses.

Somehow local artist Frank Relle through his photographs has been able to capture that mysterious something that is New Orleans, that strange and inexplicable essence that permeates everything here.

This excerpt from Huffington Post spells it out more clearly.

“I walked the streets of New Orleans since I was a kid,” Relle writes in his artist statement. “She talked to me on the corner and at the checkout counter. I danced with her down the middle of the street. Her food stimulated and comforted me. I got scared and left her because she lacked mountains and clear water. She lured me back with something I can’t describe. She has been my greatest teacher and my longest lasting lover. The photographs I make are evidence of our all night conversations.”

Unlike the “disaster porn” made popular by the internet in recent years, Relle’s images attempt to pay proper tribute to the catastrophic damage in New Orleans, painting those scenes as just a few moments in the slow erosion of Louisiana’s architecture and spirit over the past century. His series does respectfully extend to the now famous lower 9th ward. “Katrina gave my photographs recognition,” Relle added, “a recognition I desired but it’s always been a strange feeling juxtaposed with all the people and memories she took away.”

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to New Orleans Relle’s photos are the perfect expression of this saying.

To see more of Frank’s photos go HERE.

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