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Take My Kid to New Orleans? No Way. Yes, way! Go New Orleans Family Style

Okay, okay. I get just a leeeetle bit irritated when I hear, “Gee can I take my kid to New Orleans? Isn’t it full of drunk people lining the streets like a gauntlet you gotta get through to get anywhere or see anything? Isn’t’ it just for folks who just want to go carousing, stuff themselves with food and drink themselves into a gutter? Don’t all the women in the balconies rip off their bodices for a measly pair of beads?”

Take My Kid to New Orleans? No Way. Yes, way! Go New Orleans Family Style

Taylor and Miller Mardi Gras

Little kids having a blast on Mardi Gras day in New Orleans.

I mean, c’mon, get a grip. You know there ARE families that live here. In fact, if it were not for people living here and raising kids the local population would have died out ages ago. But we’re still here and procreating. Wonder why.

There are a lot of great things you can do in New Orleans for kids, young and old. And guess what, most of the same attractions that adults go to are great for kids as well. Yep, sure are. Surprised?

Of course, the problem is the representation of New Orleans in the news media where they focus on Bourbon Street and the debauchery during Mardi Gras. But guess what? I don’t even like walking down Bourbon Street and the Mardi Gras parades are definitely for kids as well as adults, you just don’t want to take kids to the French Quarter during Carnival, where, by the way, most of the debauchery is conducted by tourists not locals.

But the Quarter any other time is definitely a place you want to take your kids to see. The history, the architecture, the art, the music, the whole cultural milieu is a fun and educational experience.

Here’s an excerpt from a piece by a blogger on her site I Love You More Than Carrots who took her family of four to the Crescent City and tells about all the fun they had:

Never in one million years did I think I would ever take my family on a family vacation to New Orleans. New Orleans was never a destination, in my mind, that screamed “bring your kids here!” After all, for most of us outsiders, New Orleans is synonymous with Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. If you had asked me what I thought we were going to do there with two boys under the age of three, I would have laughed, shrugged my shoulders and said, “well, there’s a zoo?”

And then we did it. We traveled there as a family of four to spend four days exploring the city and taking part in all that New Orleans has to offer families. You’ll have to excuse me while I remove my foot from my mouth because from my lips to god’s ears, it was one of the greatest, most fun family vacations we’ve ever taken.

Let me quote her again: “the greatest, most fun family vacations we’ve ever taken.” Ahem. I rest my case.

So you see, not only can it be done, but if you got kids put New Orleans on the top of your list of places to take your family vacation. New Orleans for kids is definitely a must do.

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