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How to Tawk Like a New Orleans Yat, Dawlin

New Orleans is famous for its quirky and its strange. We got da food, we got music, we got da awkitectyah, we got our own cultyah. Heck, we even got our own accent! Can you believe dat, babe.

How to Tawk Like a New Orleans Yat, Dawlin

So maybe you new to town, maybe you come heah fa a visit or what have you. Maybe you havin’ trouble understandin’ just how we talk. Well, you know, not all of us talk like yats, but we all got a little yat in us, dawlin.

So this video talks about a little book, The Yat Dictionary, which will have you living, breathing, and speaking yat in no time. You know as the sayin’ goes ‘do like da Romans do when ya dere in Rome.”

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