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The Good Friday Nine Churches Pilgrimmage

OK, babe. The editor on dis blog wrote about dis last year. So Mama’s gonna do her own pilgrimmage too. Seems like some folks are gonna walk 14 churches, ya know, to cover all 14 of the Stations of da Cross. Me, nuh uh. I’m just gonna do 9 and I’m gonna do em all uptown. New Orleans is one of the few places in da country dat does dis.

[At the bottom of this post is a pdf of a suggested Pilgrimmage route and a Stations of the Cross booklet – editor]

The Good Friday Nine Churches Pilgrimmage 2013

New Orleans: Good Friday in front of old St. L...

New Orleans: Good Friday in front of old St. Louis Cathedral in the early 20th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I might go on down to St. Patrick’s. But heah’s da problem. Pawking.

If you are gonna walk all dem 9 or 14 churches, well, den, ain’t no problem with pawking.

But, me, I’m gonna drive from church to church. Mama’s just too lazy to walk all dat way.

But, hey, I commend all dose who do. Maybe y’all will catch some graces dat Mama ain’t gonna get. Well, I’ll just pray hawder, that’s all.

Anyway, the Clarion Herald put out a pdf of a common route all da way from uptown down to da St. Louis Cathedral. Dat is the traditional walk. My route ain’t gonna look nuttin like dis cept maybe for a couple of da uptown churches, ya know.

I just might follow the route dat the editor did. You can see dat heah.

Click dis heah link to to get the Clarion Herald Nine Churches pdf.

Don’t forget to bring some water and ya little Stations of the Cross booklet

Oh and have a good Good Friday, dawlin!!


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