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Ways to Cool Off Your New Orleans Summer 2013

Guest post by Mama Tujaque

OK, babe. We all know dat it gets really hot heah in da summah in N’awlins. OK, ya don’t need be tellin’ me or complainin’ or anything like dat. OK. Me, I don’t wanna heah it. It gets hot. So ya just gotta accept it and move on.

Ways to Cool Off Your New Orleans Summer

Cool off your New Orleans summer with a icy sno-ball.

Cool off your New Orleans summer with an icy sno-ball.

Mama gets tired of folks belly achin about it. Ya just gotta figure out how to not let it get to ya and just stay cool and be “cool” while ya stayin cool. OK, dawlin?

Ya, know sometimes if ya wanna get off your behind and get outta bed real early you can walk outside and it can be really nice. Like yesterday, Mama got herself up really early and went outside to walk da dog, my lil Fifi. Dey had a nice breeze blowin’ and it felt really good, almost cool. And dat in da middle of the summah!

And ya know sometimes in da evenin’ when we didn’t have no rain early in da day so it could get all steamy, ya sittin’ on da porch — ya do have a porch, don’t ya? If ya don’t, you gotta put one on your house… and if ya livin’ in New Orleans in one of dem ole houses, ya know ya got a porch, and if ya do have a porch, why ain’t ya usin’ it!– and it feels really nice and breezy, and ya sittin’ dere with a cool drink, well, dat’s the way ya do it heah, dat’s one of the ways ya stay cool in New Orleans.

Also, ya know, everybody got air conditioners, so if ya stay inside all day and ya walk outside, well heck yeah, it’s gonna feel really hot. So if ya spend some time outside ya get kinda used to da heat and all, and den when ya start sweating, well den it don’t feel so dang hot, dawlin. Cuz ya know dat sweat just cools ya right off. I mean, dat’s what dat sweat is for.

Anyway, I saw dis page at about how ya can stay cool heah dis time o’ the yeah. I’ts got like 7 suggestions and I’m gonna list ’em heah and then you can go to the site to get more info.

1. Adult Swim at the W New Orleans Hotel rooftop pool.
2. Read with the kids at the New Orleans Public Library Summer Reading Program
3. Cool off at the Cool Zoo at the Audubon Zoo
4. Play putt putt at the new City Putt in City Park
5. Get yourself a frozen yogurt or sno-ball
6. Go to the lakefront at Lake Pontchartrain, see the New Canal lighthouse museum, eat at the Blue Crab of Landry’s.
7. Do some happy hours

Or ya can do what Mama likes to do which is stand in the front yard in ma shorts and t-shirt and just put maself under a hose. Ain’t nothin’ like a good ole fashioned hose bath, babe, to cool off dat hot New Orleans summer.

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