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Why has New Orleans Become a Mecca For Entrepreneurs and Innovators?

Much has happened since Hurricane Katrina in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Amidst all the destruction and confusion people have struggled to rebuild their lives. Much money has been pumped into the city from state, federal government and private firms to help with the recovery.

Now a new documentary titled “NOLAbound” tells the tale of 25 individuals selected to explore the city and relate their experiences here.

Why has New Orleans Become a Mecca For Entrepreneurs and Innovators?

As related on the NOLAbound site:

NOLAbound is an all-expenses-paid program for 25 well-connected individuals from across the country within four targeted business sectors—arts-based businesses, biosciences, digital media, and sustainable industries—to assess the status of New Orleans as a model of new business progress and thinking.

Why New Orleans?

Both Forbes and Inc. magazines have pointed to the city as an emerging mecca for startups, and NOLAbound is intent on showcasing not only the ideas and people coming to this event, but New Orleans itself, as the city rebuilds and provides ample opportunities for merging tradition with innovation.

One thing that has happened is that with the influx of people into the region to help with the city’s renewal many business people and entrepreneurs have been exposed to the uniqueness of the place, it’s customs, traditions, the food, the music and above all the way of life. All of these elements combine to make the city one of the most livable in the United States.

This makes the city uniquely attractive to creative types. It is as if something about the city, the people and the cultural milieu act as a sort of muse that helps spark creativity and innovation. And could make New Orleans recovery unique in that it’s created a very attractive climate for entrepreneurs in various fields to put down roots and make the Crescent City better than eve.

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