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13 Great and Groovy Breakfast Spots in New Orleans

Being a city with so many restaurants and great food you would expect that there would be a slew of fantastic breakfast spots in New Orleans. Yeah, New Orleanians like to eat all day everyday.

13 Great and Groovy Breakfast Spots in New Orleans

Elizabeth's for breakfast makes some of the best dishes in New Orleans. (photo - Marshall Matlock)

Maker of creative dishes, Elizabeth’s is one of the best breakfast spots in New Orleans. (photo – Marshall Matlock)

And because we have been raised to have such discerning palates – we simply don’t tolerate the bland and un-fun food the rest of the country normally eats– we have many places that serves absolutely scrumptious, to-die-for breakfast fare with many of these places creating their own delicious dishes that are par for the course in the Crescent City.

So has produced this groovy list of 13 of the best places to get breakfast in the city of New Orleans. Here’s an excerpt from their article with two of my favorites from their list:

6. Riccobono’s The Panola Street Café is your classic breakfast spot. Their modest menu includes bottomless coffee, pancakes, waffles, omelets, and breakfast plates. Riccobono’s is one of my favorite spots to sit with a friend and enjoy breakfast at the counter.

Yeah, and one of the best things they don’t mention here is the Crabcakes Benedict. I mean really, instead of a bland English muffin they put a wonderful crabcake. And then what I like to get is the Huevos Rancheros. When I eat dat in the morning I don’t hafta eat till dinner.

They also mention:

11. Elizabeth’s is definitely one of the more popular spots for breakfast in New Orleans. And with great food and fantastic cocktails, why wouldn’t it be? Oh yeah, then there’s the praline bacon. No kidding!

This is probably where you’ll get some of the most delicious and creative breakfasts anywhere. I mean they got dishes you’ve never heard of, blending ingredients that you would never have thought would blend. And the decor is funky, and well it’s just a great, cozy, all around far out breakfast experience. And, yeah, the praline bacon is just heavenly.

They don’t mention Coulis on Prytania near Touro Hospital, but just as good as any of these places listed on

Hey, there are some really great breakfast spots in New Orleans with tons of delicious dishes.  Your only dilemma is deciding where the heck you’ll go next.

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