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A Concise History of the Cocktail New Orleans Style

Did you know that cocktails started in New Orleans. Yep, that’s the official line and I have no reason to not believe it. And here’s an interesting thing I just learned: Prohibiton never really took effect in New Orleans. I mean how could it, drinking is so much part of our culture that no amount of government interference could possibly do away with it.

A Concise History of the Cocktail New Orleans Style

new orleans cocktail history

Abigail Gullo of SOBU gives a brief history of the New Orleans cocktail from start to finish in a just a few minutes.

While the rest of the nation was suffering through the pangs of withdrawal at the same time cultivating some of the most ruthless crime syndicates centered around the illegal supply of alcohol, New Orleans just kept on its merry way with the open and public consumption of our favorite drinks.

The serious cocktail is part of the Crescent City’s culture.

As Abigail Deirdre Gullo of SoBou explains in a video on The Daily Meal

“When the rest of the country fell into the dark ages of vodka sodas and cosmos, people were still drinking rye whiskey here.”

The city gave rise to the birth of one of America’s great cocktails, the Sazerac, and is home to the world-famous Peychaud’s Bitters, which were created in New Orleans in the early 19th century.

Watch the video included with this post as Gullo gives an interesting and entertaining take on New Orleans cocktail culture.

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  1. rbienvenu says

    Ain’t nothin like a good Sazerac.

  2. Patrick Q says

    Yeah, I agree. Had a really good one at Mina’s the other night. Almost as good as the one at The Sazerac room in the Roosevelt

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