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Chill Out! CoolBrew New Orleans Coffee Marks 25 Years

Do you like coffee? Well, I like coffee, heck I love coffee, and I especially love New Orleans coffee. And I especially love good New Orleans coffee. In fact, I love coffee so much I give it up for Lent. Yep, that’s me 40 days without one drop of that black gold liquid. And that, let me tell ya, is a real sacrifice.

Chill Out! CoolBrew New Orleans Coffee Marks 25 Years

New Orleans Coffee Company CoolBrew celebrates 25 years with chocolate almond flavor.

New Orleans Coffee Company CoolBrew celebrates 25 years with chocolate almond flavor.

Now the kind of coffee I like is really rich, and strong and yes, I sometimes like it a little bitter. And I especially like that coffee and chicory thing, in the hot milk all steamy and good. You betcha.

One thing I have not really cared for though are flavored coffees. I see myself as pretty much a coffee purist, you know. Maybe that sounds snobby and perhaps it is.

But the good folks at Cool Brew have just re-released one of their favorite and very popular brews in celebration for their 25th anniversary and just in time for the Mardi Gras season: the Chocolate Almond flavor.

They wanted me to try it so I asked them to send me over some samples of their coffees. I got this big box loaded with different flavors of CoolBrew coffees.

What makes this coffee different is that they brew the ground beans in cold water so you get all the coffee flavor without the bitterness.

Now cool brewing has been happening in New Orleans for about 150 years and it took this local pharmacist, Phillip McCrory, to come up with a way to make it on a large scale. He started it back in 1989 and sold it driving around to local stores keeping the bottles in a cooler in the back of his car. The now-iconic bottle it comes in is able to divvy out with one squeeze just enough for a single shot of this smooth brew. Mix it with hot or cold water and you are good to go.

So first thing I did when I got the samples was pull out the chocolate almond bottle, boil some water, squeeze out the perfect shot of coffee into a cup, pour the hot water in it, with a nice amount of cream. It smelled nice, but would it taste nice – hm – I wondered. Well, let me tell you this: it tastes great.

So flavored coffees? Well, CoolBrew has made me a convert, at least with their flavored coffees. It tastes smooth, rich without any bitterness and gives me a nice coffee buzz. I love this stuff.

And you know, this is perfect for Mardi Gras and all the parades ya go to. You can carry it in a little ice chest with a thermos of hot water and make yourself some hot coffee. Or you can just have a cold water bottle and pour some of the CoolBrew in it and make yourself some nice iced coffee too.

It’s become a treasured Louisiana brand along with the likes of Tabasco and Camelia red beans and it’s still made here in Mid City, and still family owned. So when you drink this coffee you are getting a real taste of New Orleans.

And if you like Tin Roof Brewing Co.’s Parade Ground Coffee Porter, it’s made with a special blend of CoolBrew mocha and French roast coffee. So there ya go, you can get coffee and beer out of the same bottle. Who’d a thunk it? Well, only in New Orleans…

Anyway, if you like coffee you gotta try some of this. If you are from out of town and want some just go their website and they’ll ship it out to ya, tout de suite.

Stock up on this stuff. And have a Happy Mardi Gras!!

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