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Churches and Crawfish: Mama’s Good Friday Pilgrimage 2013

by Mama Tujaque

Well, I didn’t do what I wanted to do on Good Friday. I mean I did some of what I wanted to do, but lawd, I had so much to do I didn’t have time to do it all.

Y’know probably New Orleans is one of the few places dat dey got dis pilgrimage thing goin on in da U.S. But I betcha dey ain’t got no place where dey do da pilgrimage in da day and den got a crawfish boil in da evenin’.

Churches and Crawfish: Mama’s Good Friday Pilgrimage 2013

st stephen new orleans

St. Stephens Catholic Church New Orleans is a main stop for Good Friday Pilgrims.

Well, ya, see, I didn’t get to go all da churches I wanted ta cuz I had to go pick up da crawfish from Rouses at 11 in da mornin, den bring em back to da house, and stick em in a cooler in da shower stall with some ice so dey would still be OK when we did the boil in the da evening.

Well, wid alla dat goin on I didn’t get to get ovah to da churches till around 12:30, den come to find out dat some of dem churches closed at 1:00. What da heck? So, me, I gotta remember next year ta maybe get dem crawfish earlier so I can get to ma pilgrimaging sooner.

Anyway, I started off at Holy Name and dey had alla da doors open and it felt really airy and nice. Den I went ovah ta St. Stevens, which is dis dark and beautiful church. Dey say it’s German, and you can tell, it’s got alla dis dark wood and such. It feels German, don’t look like no St Patrick’s or nuttin like dat. When I was dere, dere was nobody dere and I got ta kneel in front of dat statue of Jesus all lying down like he’s dying or something. I couldn’t really pray looking at dat statue, it seemed so real. Kinda brought little tears ta my eyes.

Den I tried goin over ta St. Henry’s and, well, heck, dey had just closed. Den I went over ta St. Franics of Assisi on State Street and just did alla da rest of the stations dere. After dat I went on over to that place on Henry Clay, ya know The Chapel of the Poor Claire’s and just sat for a while. Den I just came on home.

I did only four churches dis year but dat was OK. At least I did it. We boiled crawfish dat evening for da family, somethin’ we hadn’t done in years. It was a nice end to a nice Good Friday.

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