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College Inn Starts New Tradition of Eating Locally Garden to Table in Uptown New Orleans

New Orleans gardens are pretty well known as it’s really easy to grow things here. Used to be back in the day most stuff you put on your table was grown locally. Now we have this eat locally challenge going on in the city and I’m all for it.

College Inn Starts New Tradition of Eating Locally Garden to Table in Uptown New Orleans

But talk about your really eating locally, Ye Olde College Inn, that venerable restaurant started back in the 1930s, does it one better by having their own huge garden steps from their kitchen.

I don’t think there is any doubt that the Blanchers, the owners of the College Inn and the Rock and Bowl next door are visionary entrepreneurs.

Being an avid gardener myself I have been watching this plot of land, once the spot where the archbishop had his home, burned down by vandals after Hurricane Katrina, plowed over, turned under, smoothed out and lawned over, gradually being converted into a beautiful and productive uptown garden.

Would that more of these lots around the city be turned into productive little farms that produce foodstuffs for New Orleans tables.

In this video is master gardener Ronnie Taylor giving us a brief tour of the crops that he grows and harvests for the restaurant across the street. What he has accomplished provides inspiration for others to take up the shovel and hoe and do the same not only in their backyards but in other areas and vacant lots around New Orleans.


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