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Competitive Eater Furiously Eats His Way Through New Orleans Food – Video

Furious Pete takes us on one of his famous world tours through New Orleans food. He hits all the hot spots and eats typical Crescent City fare from the best places.

Competitive Eater Furiously Eats His Way Through New Orleans Food – Video

This guy is built like a ‘brick s**t house’ yet he is competitive eater, body builder and trainer. Which goes to prove you can eat yourself silly, which he does on this video, and still be in awesome shape. Of course, you gotta put in the work and time to do that.

It’s great to see the city from a ‘foreigner’s’ viewpoint and he shows us things that I’ve never seen before, such as how they make beignets at Cafe DuMonde. He gets a muffaletta from Butcher, a New Orleans sampler plate from the French Market, catfish, crabs and crawfish from Middendorf’s (which is actually near Hammond about 30 minutes from downtown).

Then he goes to Jazz Fest and gets a po’boy, then at Dat Dog they set up a special competitive eating plate full of sausage and bread and french fries and beans in a huge pile with two cups of beer and he downs the whole thing in about 20 minutes. Wow! Disgusting and impressive!!

At the end of the video Furious Pete is invited to a private crawfish boil. As the guy says at the end of the video “In New Orleans you don’t make friends you make family.”

Just watching this video makes me so hungry and I am sooo glad I live in this city where I can eat this wonderful food any time I want. Mm, mm, mm. Ain’t nothin’ like New Orleans food.

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