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Drew Brees: New Orleans’ 100 Million Dollar Man and the Local Economy

So what’s the problem with Drew Brees winning a one million dollar contract? Absolutely nothing. In fact, it’s great for the city. Here is a guy who is honest, of high integrity, great family man, unpretentious and someone that’s a role model not only for kids but for all citizens.

This video tells us all about it.

Drew Brees: 100 Million Dollar Man and the Local New Orleans Economy

If he wanted he could live in some walled off neighborhood but he doesn’t. He lives in a regular neighborhood uptown close to Audubon Park where he rides his bike and says hi to neighbors.

This guy has already created his Dream Foundation which helps underprivileged kids and families, he is injecting tons of money into the economy by opening several Jimmy Johns sandwich shops thereby provide others with jobs and outlets for great food.

Brees already has a history of giving back and he has given so much to this city and is a much-loved celebrity in these parts. It’s none of my business what he does with his money but having a glimpse of his personality I know that he will do nothing but good.

Here’s to ya Drew. I’m gonna eat at your sandwich shop when it opens around the corner. Although, it’s not a po’boy I’ll be more than happy to give you my business. So, here’s to you Drew Brees and what you have done for the great city of New Orleans.

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