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Easy Cooking Authentic New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

OK, so you’re wanting to cook up some good, authentic, New Orleans style red beans and rice? Well, go no further than watching this video and following right along with cook Gaston Lang.

Easy Cooking Authentic New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

So he uses only authentic locally produced-around-New Orleans ingredients. Of course, if you can’t get the andouille sausage just try to get something similar that’s tasty and spicy. You can use almost any sausage really although it won’t give you the same flavor as andouille. Italian sausage will work too.

new orleans red beans and rice

Here are all the ingredients to make New Orleans red beans and rice. Note the pickled pork.

He adds pickled pork which I have never done and I’ve never have seen a recipe using that. So, of course, this will be something I have to do next time I make this.

Now if you want to mix it up and be a little adventurous you might want to try a variety of beans called Italian kidney beans or cannellini beans. The last few times I’ve used these beans I’ve really enjoyed the difference. Gives it a really rich flavor. I got ’em at Whole Foods and you can also order them off Amazon.

So there ya go. Just follow along with the video and pretty soon you’ll have you a mess of good old New Orleans red beans and rice.


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