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Ellen Degeneres Surprises New Orleanian With Amazing Life-Changing Gift – Watch Her Reaction

So I was watching Ellen Degeneres the other day, as I am sometimes wont to do as I’m taking care of my mom who will be 102 in January and Ellen is one of her favorite shows, along with The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

Ellen Degeneres Surprises New Orleanian With Amazing Life-Changing Gift – Watch Her Reaction

New Orleanian Dianna Beasley in Ellen Degeneres audience.

New Orleanian Dianna Beasley in Ellen Degeneres audience with no idea what’s about to happen.

Anyway, as I am doing other things around the house at 3:00 in the afternoon and trying to work on my business I find myself checking on her more when Ellen is on because, yes, I like Ellen Degeneres too.

I think she is a really good person, she is very funny and I’m always touched when she gives thousands of dollars or big gifts to her non-celebrity guests in need.

So the other day she had on a woman named Dianna Beasley, a woman from New Orleans who has been on Ellen’s show a couple times in the past — Ellen once gave her a brand new car. She lost everything from Hurricane Katrina and Ellen helped her turn her life around.

She changed her health and now in her mid 60s runs marathons! (Running a marathon is something I’m working on myself, never done one and now that I’m in my early 60s it’s time for me to do one as well.)

Now Ms. Beasley’s mission is to make really healthy food available for the folks in New Orleans with a new food truck. So she’s been saving up some money to buy one and her grand-daughter has created a beautiful logo to plaster on the side.

Beasley says in this clip that New Orleans is one of the most unhealthy cities in the country. Sorry, I’m going to have to disagree with that. New Orleans food made with fresh, good ingredients is probably one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. OK, maybe we do drink a little too much and eat too much bread pudding and potatoes and such.

Anyway, watching Beasley’s reaction to Ellen amazing gift is priceless. Just another example of the good that fellow New Orleanian Ellen Degeneres spreads around. She made another New Orleanian happy.


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