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Enjoying the High Life at The High Hat Cafe in New Orleans

Every year for a while now I go with Larry, a buddy of mine to some restaurant around New Orleans to celebrate our birthdays. Although my birthday is in April and his is in May we sometimes don’t get around to our celebratory repast until months later. Seems to be a thing with scheduling this way and that.

Enjoying the High Life at The High Hat in New Orleans

For some good New Orleans style food, good prices, great neighborhood atmosphere, you can't beat the High Hat Cafe in uptown New Orleans.

For some good New Orleans style food, good prices, great neighborhood atmosphere, you can’t beat the High Hat Cafe in uptown New Orleans.

So recently we planned the date which was to be on a Saturday and I compiled a small list of places I’d suggest. We met at my place and I gave him the choices: We got your Maple Street Cafe, Riccobonos, and High Hat Cafe

So after a brief cogitation he chose the High Hat.

Now, I’d eaten there a couple times before and I liked the ambience, which is that of an old-fashioned diner, and had enjoyed the food. I also liked the fact that the owner was the first person I saw when I went in.

Yep, just like before this guy greeted us at the door with a big smile on his face, and there’s just something about his demeanor, his friendliness and such that just unmistakably says “owner.”

This Saturday afternoon the place was packed and he found us a nice table by the window. Against the wall above the bar on a blackboard were listed a slew of specials for the day.

Then tout de suite a nice waitress brought our menus and asked for our drink orders – two iced teas – and within a minute or two there they were all tall and ice cold in front of us.

We inquired a bit about the specials, she gave us a little while to decide and back she was taking our orders. The pork debris with the creamy grits looked good so, on her suggestion, I went for that. Larry got the fennel and oyster soup along with the shrimp remoulade salad wedge.

We toasted our birthdays with the iced tea and shortly thereafter came our orders. Not much time elapsed for us to get into any deep conversation when our food was placed in front of us.

Larry looked like he was in heaven after his first spoon of the soup and motioned to me to have a taste. It was indeed very good.

But I was more interested in my dish. I dug into my plate with the pork, the grits and the fried eggs on top. Very good, very tasty and I’m getting hungry right now just thinking about it. The grits were indeed white and creamy and the pork was juicy and flavorful.

And the eggs, well, you know I’m an eager egg eater, have some almost every day. But these eggs –really different.

Having lived on a farm for a while I know what real, fresh farm-raised eggs look like. And these were it. You can always tell because the yoke is not just yellow but deep yellow, almost orange and thick when you burst the membrane. And delicious as farm raised eggs always are. So I get that all of their ingredients are of this quality.

And here’s the thing about High Hat Cafe: The prices are great. I mean I paid 11 bucks for this dish.

Of course, because it was a celebration of our birthdays, we could not pass up something that would pass for cake. So we got the pumpkin pie made with a cheese pumpkin. I know, I never heard of cheese pumpkin either but it’s creamy and delicious.

And we got the apple pie with bourbon ice cream. OK. We were just going to have a bite or two of our desserts and take the rest home. But… the best laid plans of mice and men… we ate the whole dang thing.

So… here ya go… great food, nice unpretentious, uptown, diner atmosphere, great friendly service and great prices. How the heck can you beat that?

This is New Orleans food at its simplest and finest. Wow. My stomach is growling. Can we go there now?

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