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La Divina: Gellin’ Fo Gelato in New Orleans

cafedivinaneworleansOf course as most you history minded people know New Orleans is a confluence of many cultures. In fact some history pundits tout this city as being the first and really only melting pot in America.

All these folks thrown together from different cultures and languages had to somehow make it all work. And they did and nowhere is it more reflected in the food of the Crescent City.

Gelato, the Italian version of ice cream, knows several purveyors here in our neighborhoods. Like scotch, all Gelato is good, some better than others. But of the gelato places I’ve been to here I would be hard pressed to decide which is better. They all seem to have their own individual take on flavors, some having flavors I’ve never heard of before.

So when my cousins were in town a few weeks ago we decided to meet at a place on Magazine St., have some some of this cold, creamy stuff and stretch our legs on a walk through the neighborhood.

La Divina is where we partook in some great gelato. It’s near 7th St. right across from that building that used to be an orphanage. After trying numerous samples, one being a balsamic vinegar type (hm, interesting) I settled on half creme divina and half azteca chocolate. And yummy it was. The rest of the folks had espresso, which I would’ve really liked but alas I had given it up for lent.

After downing the sweet creamy goodness that is gelato we took to the streets and perused the stately beautiful old homes and gardens in this neighborhood. Eatin’ and walkin’, a perfect combo for a beautiful spring day in New Orleans.

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