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Gellin for Gelato 2: La Divina Gelateria, New Orleans

la divina maple st. new orleans smallEvery Monday morning I go down to PJs Coffee House on Maple Street with my planner and notebook and plan the week ahead of me. It’s a little ritual that I started a while ago that keeps me focused and on top of the things I want to accomplished.

This Monday I was pleasantly surprised to find the new La Divina Gelateria on Maple St. offering free lattes. In fact Carmelo Turillo, who owns the shop with his wife Katrina, was standing outside with a tray full of cups of coffee and bits of scones hawking his wares to passersby.

I was lucky enough to be one of the free- coffee recipients. Yum, nice, creamy frothy top with thick, strong but smooth coffee underneath.

A perfect combination done up perfectly by their barrista Katie.

I did an entry a while ago of La Divina on Magazine St. Their gelato, not being an expert on gelato and not knowing how it’s supposed to be, is, I think, outstanding. Unusual flavors and of course all of it handmade using the finest ingredients.

But what I hadn’t had then was the coffee. Carmelo told me that it’s their own special blend from beans from Brazil and Ethiopia and specially roasted, each batch being unique to the quality of the beans as it changes through the seasons.

I can say this, I have never had a better cup of coffee. You know in New Orleans we like strong, but sometimes that can mean bitter. But this cup is exceptional. And…well…I’m no coffee expert but I know what I like.

La Divina’s not just for gelato and coffee. They also have Italian sandwiches there. Haven’t tired those yet. When I do I’ll let you know.

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  1. Carmelo Turillo says

    I own La Divina, and I wanted to thank you for saying such nice things about our coffee! We are very proud of it, and I am glad you like it!

  2. Richard Bienvenu says

    I love walking down to your place and grabbing a double latte. And for 2 bucks clearly beats out the other guys on the street in price and in taste.

    Had a chili chocolate gelato the other day. The best I’ve ever had.

  3. termite says

    richard, i do the exact same thing each morning as well. my walk is down Octavia to PJ’s on Magazine (and Octavia) i’ve been dong this for ..hmm… 20 years. i know ever crack in the street. 🙂
    maybe i need to go on the wild side and get in my car and check-out how the other side of uptown lives. 😉

  4. Richard Bienvenu says

    Did you know that PJ’s actually started in a little shop on Maple St. right across from the new La Divina Gelateria? I remember going there when it seemed to be mainly a tea shop. There were jars against the wall filled with all kinds of different teas and there was a great patio in the back. Now the building houses an office of some kind and PJ’s popularity just exploded. The rest as they say is history!

  5. termite says

    as a matter of fact, i do. maple street still has the magic.

    i’m trying to remember the pizza place on the corner.. philips?

    hmmm… it will come to me. :-/

  6. Richard Bienvenu says

    Yes, it’s called Phillips but it’s not a pizza parlor any more, it’s some kind of modernistic kind of bar. Not like your typical New Orleans neighborhood space.

    You’re right, Maple St. is pretty magical.

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