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Heritage Reserve Delicious California Navels at New Orleans’ Rouses Supermarket

OK this is a blatant out and out advertisement for a company in California that out of the blue sent me a beautifully packaged box of navel oranges. (Ah yes, one of the many perks of being a blogger.)

The trouble with a lot of navel oranges, as I see it, is that can tend to be dry. You know, you see a big ole navel in the store and you think, yeah, this one is going to be so juicy, can’t wait to tear into it. And when you do it’s all shrivelly and dry on the inside… with zero flavor.

Southern Louisiana is known for its beautiful delicious oranges but most of them stay in the state and don’t get shipped out so most people don’t have any idea that we have some of the best citrus fruit around.

So why would I be touting oranges all the way from California? Well, for one thing our season here is finished for the year pretty much and these oranges are just absolutely beautiful, tasty and juicy. You can tell these people are really proud of their produce. And these navels are from California’s oldest navel groves planted beginning in 1898.

So that’s why I am posting this blatant advertisement and recommending that you make a beeline over to Rouses, because that is apparently the only place you can get ’em until they are sold out probably in April. They are called Heritage Reserve Navel Oranges. Go and buy yo’sef some. Dey goooood. Oh yeah, babe.

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