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How to Eat Louisiana Crawfish: Pinch da Tails, Suck da Heads. Hoo Yah!

My nephew Eddie and his beautiful wife April were in town over the Memorial Day weekend with their beautiful new kid Felix. Sunday night they brought home 10 lbs of Louisiana crawfish from Deanie’s out at the lakefront. So we sat around me, my 96 year old mom and them and ate a mess of dem crawdads, also know as mudbugs and crayfish. (But we would NEVER call them “crayfish” here in New Orleans, like scratching yer fingah nails on da blackboard, ouch.)

Here Eddie gives us a short lesson on how to peel and eat a crawfish. Everybody has their own way of doing it. He provides one popular way. I personally do not suck the heads just because it is messy. I prefer to ram my little finger up into it to extract the brains (do these little buggers have brains?) and the oh so good fat. Yummy!

I only had a few crawfish and one crab –crab, that’s another lesson– because I find that usually they are too salty and spicy for me. Yes, I have become a wuss. But Eddie ate almost the entire 10 lbs. Caw, talk about!

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