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Making New Orleans Coffee

What makes New Orleans coffee so great? Could it be the water from the Mississippi? The spirits in the air?

You go to other places and the coffee is weak and stale. My rule of thumb is if you can see through the coffee it ain’t no good. I’ve had coffee in restaurants in other cities and when they bring glass pot and the coffee looks like tea I know I’m in trouble. I mean really. Or they being cheap or what? I mean how much does it cost to make a good cup of coffee. It costs pennies to make it and they charge 1000% to serve it.

new-orleans-coffeeWe believe in giving people their money’s worth. And we like our coffee strong, not bitter. Strong coffee does not mean bitter coffee. Bitter coffee is, well, a sin.

One of the techniques we use is to add chicory to the brew. You can buy French Market coffee or Community Coffee with chicory already added to it. I’ve found that he French market coffee has a better flavor than most.

But you can get your roasted chicory and add it to any coffee. The best thing to do is get you some good Arabica dark roast. For one cup of coffee use about 2 tablespoons then add a half tablespoon of roasted chicory. Make it in a French press, letting it steep for 4 minutes. I like to add a little heated half and half to it. It sort of rounds out the flavor. I take it without sugar.

You can try different mixtures of the coffee with the chicory. Whatever suits you. The chicory I sometimes find at Langenstein’s on Arabella. And you can also order it over the Internet. The best place to get a great cup of coffee and chicory is Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter.

All this talk of coffee makes me want to go fix myself some. But, alas, not for me, for a couple more weeks. I gave it up for Lent.

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