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Much Ado About Mandina’s Restaurant, New Orleans

mandinasrestaurantneworleansWhen visitors are in town I get an opportunity to do things I normally wouldn’t do. Not that I wouldn’t do them it’s that I wouldn’t think of doing them. So when cousins were in town recently I got to go to restaurants and take walks that I normally wouldn’t.

We had many choices for lunch but we had planned on going to visit City Park and was looking for something in that area. It was a toss up between Fellini’s on Carrollton and Mandina’s Restaurant on Canal.

We piled into the van and headed in that direction still without any inkling of which one to choose. As we approached Canal we left it up to Steve the driver to decide, so he hung a right and headed the few blocks to Mandina’s. I think we were all glad he did.

This Italian-run restaurant is a New Orleans institution that had been so damaged by the hurricane that many wondered if it was going to reopen. But reopen it did and thank God. Although with new walls, floor and fresh paint it has lost some of it’s funky decades-old ambience it still has some of the best food around and at decent prices. It being a Friday during Lent I gravitated toward the fish fare and ordered the Cajun catfish.

Cajun Catfish at Mandina's in New Orleans

Cajun Catfish at Mandina's in New Orleans

I normally don’t eat catfish but I decided to make an exception that day. And I was so glad I did. Yummy. It was so good I took a photo of it cuz I wanted to share it with you.

One thing that’s missing from the menu is their famous Wop salad. The salad is still there it’s just not called that anymore I guess because of the management bowing to political correctness. Too bad. Those funky little cultural items is what helps to makes a place unique.

Anyway, the food is still good which makes it a popular lunch spot for visitors as well as locals. Our driver had made a good choice and we all rolled outta there ready for our excursion in City Park.


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