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New Orleans Chef John Besh Shows You How to Make the Best Jambalaya

One of my favorite people is New Orleans Chef John Besh. Talk about  nice guy, he’s friendly and accessible and I really admire what he’s done in the city opening so many great restaurants.

New Orleans Chef John Besh Shows You How to Make the Best Jambalaya

Here he shows us how to make a really great jambalaya. It seems so simple, you know. Just watch and learn. It’s got my mouth to watering, boy.

This is a wet jambalaya which I think is the best. Sometimes you get this dish and it’s all clumped together and too dry. You’ll find this in some of the tourist places, all stuck together and barely any meat. Ick.

And don’t be a-scared of that pork fat. Dat is good for you.

If you’ve been following the news you know that they’ve discovered that all that junk about saturated fat being bad for ya is now just a bunch of bunk. I’ve known this for a long time, telling all my friends and family not to listen to conventional wisdom and don’t be afraid of dat fat!

I eat a lot of fat and I’m slim, and I’ve been doing this for years cuz I don’t follow conventional wisdom. Also, I got no cholesterol problems or high blood pressure. How do I know? Every two months I donate blood and they check this for me.

So dig into this video and make yourself some of this delicious jambalaya. And thank our favorite New Orleans Chef John Best for dat, cher.

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