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New Orleans: Coffee’s Not All at Morning Call

Finally after what seems like months and months of waiting Morning Call Coffee Stand has opened in New Orleans‘s City Park. They are established in the Casino building near the Peristyle on the banks of a lagoon. That building has been there for years and years and although it’s called a “casino” never in its history was it ever used for that purpose.

Coffee’s Not All at New Orleans Morning Call

morning call coffee stand new orleeans

The new Morning Call Coffee Stand finally opens in City Park in New Orleans.

Now the Morning Call has been a well known place to get coffee and beignets in New Orleans since 1870. Originally, they were in the French Quarter only a block from that other famous coffee place the Cafe DuMonde. They closed up shop there in the ’70s and moved out to the Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie taking with them their accoutrements and decor that they were known for.

They always served good coffee that I think rivals the flavor of the Cafe DuMonde (I like it better) and their beignets are just as good. I like the way the serve them without the powdered sugar leaving the sugaring duty to the customer with the shakers they supply on each table. I don’t really care for that much sugar and most of time eat the beignets plain dunking them in my coffee as I go along.

That casino building has been vacant for years and it seems that putting a coffee shop there, and a famous one to boot, a no-brainer. Why it took so long for someone to do that is anyone’s guess.

But it’s there now and open 24 hours. And here’s the thing that makes it different: not only do they serve great coffee and beignets but they also got gumbo, jambalaya, sausage, ice cream and, get this, Irish coffee. Well, at least when I was they told me they are trying to get the permit to serve Irish coffee.

They have outdoor seating so when the weather is nice you can sit outside and be surrounded by beautiful oak trees, watch the ducks on the lagoon and kids on the playground.

It’s a perfect place to go to finish the evening after wandering around the Celebration in the Oaks at Christmas time.

And yes, inside it looks like you would expect a Morning Call to look with the mirrors and oldtimey banks of round white lights framing the bar.

I would hope this place will be another boon for City Park. And, heck, when I want to go and have coffee and beignets without having to deal with the parking in the Quarter you’ll find me here. Parking is easy, and best of all, free.

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