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New Orleans fitness: New Orleans Doctor Touts His New Book “The Art of Fitness”

OK. Lots of folks think that we way down here in New Orleans are fat and out of shape because of our food and constant partying. Well, you do see some fat folks down here to be sure, but New Orleans is really big into fitness. We have 10Ks and marathons, beautiful parks for exercise, health clubs, bike lanes and pedestrian friendly neighborhoods. OK maybe we do over indulge on occasion. But tourists tend to do that more than locals.

New Orleans fitness: Local doctor pens a new health book “The Art of Fitness”

Here’s a video of New Orleanian Dr. Levi Harrison who just wrote a fantastic fitness book The Art of Fitness. The main topics of the book are commitment, consistency, diet, exercise, rest and recovery.

Who says you can’t live in New Orleans, eat our great food and be in great shape?

To get your own copy click this link The Art of Fitness, A Journey to Self-Enhancement

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