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New Orleans Gazpacho: Try this version I call Cajun Gazpacho

OK it’s summer time and this is the time for some New Orleans gazpacho, that luscious cold soup from Spain. It’s how we celebrate our Spanish heritage here in New Orleans.

I remember when I was living Spain when spring came along it was time to break out the tomatoes and the cucumbers and the garlic and olive oil and vinegar make up a mess of gazpacho. Now in Spain at least in Seville they serve it in a glass blended with pieces of bread. Let me tell you a nice cool glass of gazpacho, well, nothing was more refreshing.

Once I was in a girlfriend’s apartment and she actually made me a glass of gazpacho right there in the glass with an immersion blender. Oh yeah, babe. That was excellent.

New Orleans Gazpacho – Here’s a quick version I call Cajun Gazpacho

new orleans style cajun gazpacho

Here’s a version of New Orleans gazpacho. Quick easy and delicious Cajun Gazpacho.

Over the years I have tried several different recipes for gazpacho and I recently found a very simple one with a minimum of ingredients that tastes like what I had in Spain years ago.

I know Emeril has a version and is probably very good, but heck it’s full of all kinds of ingredients that makes the preparation kind of daunting.

When I want gazpacho I want it now with out a lot of falderal and rigamarole.

Well, I timed it and this version takes only 8 minutes to make! Of course, you gotta have all the ingredients at the ready and in house. But it’s summer time and you can stock up on all you need for several preparations of this refreshing tomatoey goodness whenever you get the hankering.

I call this version Cajun Gazpacho because it’s a little bit spicy and, heck, my family is from the Cajun country so there you go.

What you’ll need:

4 14.5 oz cans diced tomatoes
1 red bell pepper – diced
1 cucumber peeled and seeded and diced
4 cloves garlic – smashed
1 can Rotel
1 cup chicken broth (no MSG)
1/4 c olive oil
2 tbsp Lea & Perrins
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar (optional but worth it)

(Just for fun time yourself. See if you can make it in eight minutes.)

Take a pot and put all these ingredients in it. Blend with an immersion blender till there are no more chunks in the mixture. Although the soup will be good right now it really tastes a lot better chilled so stick it in a container and put it in the frig and wait a lil’ while before you serve it.

You can garnish it if you want but why bother. That’s just another step you have to take before you can get this tomatoey goodness to your mouth.

Serve it in a glass as a refreshing summer drink or in cup or bowl before the main meal. To top it off you can also add a little horseradish. Now that’ll be some spicy, cher. Hoo wee!

So there you go, my Cajun Gazpacho, a yummy goodness, New Orleans gazpacho.

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