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New Orleans Gets a Taste of Sweetwater Beer

Ah, the many perks of having a blog about New Orleans. Once theses companies see you doing reviews they send you all kinds of stuff.

New Orleans Gets a Taste of Sweetwater Beer

Sweetwater beer from Atlanta now distributes in New Orleans.

Yummy Sweetwater beer from Atlanta now distributes in New Orleans.

Recently I got this big box in the mail. It was pretty danged heavy, well, you know as boxes in the mail go.

Brought it to the kitchen and opened it and found inside bottles of beer all carefully, individually bubble-wrapped.

Well, whoever sent it, heck, how did they know I liked beer?

I especially am a lover of Abita beer. Abita, our most famous local brewery, now distributes all over the country in select places.

I was surprised a few years ago when eating at a barbeque joint on Park Avenue in New York that not only did they serve Abita Amber, the brewery’s signature beer, but also their delicious stout-like Turbodog. (Turbodog has also become an ingredient in gumbo.)

So this company from Atlanta, Sweetwater, sends me three of their beers to try out. I only like to do posts about things relating to New Orleans and Louisiana so was hesitant about doing a review. They sent me these samples because they are distributing in the New Orleans area now.

They sent me their 420 Extra Pale Ale, the Sweetwater Blue (made with blueberries) and their award-winning IPA. Now I like IPAs, was introduced to them when I lived in the Portland, Oregon area, like the extra bite to them. Abita produces an IPA (India Pale Ale) but it’s just a little too bitter for me. I found that I like the Sweetwater IPA much better. In fact, I tried all three of these beers and I gotta say, although I am a big fan of Abita, this Sweetwater brand is giving them a run for their money.

We have a lot of craft breweries now in southeast Louisiana, with several in New Orleans itself making beers just for locals to enjoy. It’s great to see great beers coming out of these small companies all over the South.

One thing I like about Sweetwater is that their beers are unpasteurized which means you can’t let them sit around on your shelf too long. They are made to drink fresh. And I think not pasteurizing them gives them a complexity of flavor.

It’s the same with raw milk cheeses. Nothing can beat a raw milk cheese for flavor; other cheeses just taste dead when you compare them side by side. I think it’s the same with a beer. A pasteurized beer just does not taste as complex as a live one.

So, there ya go, this post I did as a favor to this company that sent me such great beer, I couldn’t just drink their beer and not say anything. And when I see it available in the store around New Orleans I’ll pick up a 6 pack. I like Abita because they are good and they are local but they got some competition with Sweetwater, and competition in our capitalist society is good. Very good.


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