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Quiet Conversations at Quaint Cafe Amelie in the French Quarter

Nestled in a beautiful little patio in the French Quarter you’ll find this quaint little space where some of the best food in the city can be found. This cafe is not ostentatious and you won’t find all the special dishes and such that you may find in other New Orleans restaurants. But what you will find is solid fare fixed well, tasty and prepared with care and love. There is something about this place that keeps drawing me back. Especially it’s the beautiful lush patio, the tables with umbrellas and the fountain lined with beautiful flowers.

This is a popular place so it’s good to get there a little bit before you actually want to eat. Usually it’s a good idea to get reservations but sometimes they won’t take them on Sunday mornings. I took a friend of mine there recently from out of town. We had just come from 9:30 Mass at St. Patrick’s, the Latin Mass, and he wanted to get a taste of New Orleans before leaving town. At a loss as to where to take him I suggested we walk the 8 blocks from church to the cafe. I was not sure if this cafe was what he wanted so as we entered the patio I said, “Is this OK?” And he said, “This is lovely, let’s eat here.” Surprisingly enough there was no line so they sat us immediately at a table outside in the shade.

There is something very relaxing about that patio, the conversation is quiet and the wait staff is top notch. We ordered coffee and talked for a few minutes him telling me stories about some of the filming projects that he had been working on and was in town for.

We ordered a simple dish, the scrambled eggs with grits and applewood bacon. Now, these are not just any grits. No siree. They are stone ground with cream and other tasty ingredients. My friend said they were the best grits he had ever had. The bacon was delicious as well. The eggs, well, nothing special but good just as well. A big croissant sat on my plate and I slathered it with real butter and ate it down.

Other items on the menu include pulled pork sandwich and other sandwiches, omelets and other very simple but tasty fare. We must have been there for at least an hour chatting and sipping coffee, him regaling me with stories of time he and his family lived in Ireland. Did you know that for a person’s first communion they actually collect hundreds of dollars from friends and family? Why didn’t that custom make its way to the U.S.? I would have thought to New Orleans at least, since we have such a big Irish community.

Is this indicative of the quiet and interesting conversations that occur in that patio? Don’t know. You’ll have to try Cafe Amelie and see for yourself.

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