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How We Spent Christmas and New Year’s in New Orleans 2015

I was so busy the last couple weeks of December what with Christmas, New Year’s and all that I have not taken the time to do a post here in this here blog. We had a lotta parties here. A part of me kinda felt exhausted what with all we had to do, and another part was exhilarated at being so busy and putting into action all my organizational skills. Yeah, I’m kinda nerdy that way.

How We Spent Christmas and New Year’s in New Orleans 2015

My mom who is now 102 surrounded by family.

My mom, who is now 102, surrounded by family, unimpressed by the silly faces.

We had a Christmas Eve party like we do every year, and this year I made turtle soup. And wow was it good, lemme tell ya, if I do say so myself. I just followed a recipe I got out of the Joe Simmer Creole cookbook. Actually, that recipe is a ‘mock’ turtle soup which means “dere ain’t no toitle meat in it, dawlin.”

When I’ve made it before I use half real turtle meat and half ground beef. But heck the turtle meat this year was really expensive, I mean like we’re talking about like 17 dollahs a pound. What? And then you had to buy it in 5 pounds lots. So I opted for a pound of alligator meat.

I mean, the Southern Yacht Club makes their turtle soup with alligator meat so I thought I would too. I figured that it would give the soup that swampy flavor that turtle meat does. So I used three pounds of ground beef and one of the alligator which I ground up in a Cuisinart before putting it in the pot. Anyway, the soup was a hit.

Then for Christmas we did our dinner here at the house which we have not done in ages. We usually go to my brother’s and his wife’s house but my mom who is 102 wanted to stay at home. So we just added another table to our dining table we sat 15 people for Christmas afternoon dinner, a fairly manageable amount.

We had filet. I made Bernaise sauce with those instant Knorr packets. It was good, although it had hydrogenated oil in it, but what the hell, it was Christmas and once a year ain’t gonna hoit, babe.

Then a few days later my nephew and his wife and brilliant, cute, sweet, dawlin’ young’uns came to stay through New Year’s. On New Year’s day we had corn beef brisket, black-eyed peas (the best I ever made), and cabbage, you know, to insure a filthy-rich, abundant and prosperous 2016. So I ate a lot of it. Yum.

And around mid-afternoon I left them with all the dishes and high-tailed it out to Manresa House of Retreats, an hour upriver from New Orleans in Convent (yes, that’s actually the name of the town), and did my yearly silent retreat with the Jesuits. After all the activity of the holidays it was a great place to unwind and reflect, and heck just to sit and do nothing. And this year I got to sit at a dining table with two local celebrities. So perhaps that portends that my fortunes are looking good for this year!


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